A Thirst for More was created out of the realization that when the majority of my clients would come to me for specific issues, and once that issue improved, they still weren’t happy.

Eventually it became obvious that what they were coming to see me for wasn’t the cause of their unhappiness, it was the result.

With a lot of research, and help from some very talented and gifted teachers, instructors, and mentors, I was able to come up with what is now a proven process to help women get rid of the negative emotions, limiting beliefs, shame, guilt, and inhibitions that keep them from experiencing all the wonderful, rich experiences they work so had for.


Kenny has always enjoyed helping people solve the problems that effect them the most. In 2006, Kenny became a Certified Hypnotherapist.
After being in general practice for a little while, Kenny found his calling and switched from general practice to specializing in helping women become free from emotional pain and to live their life full of pleasure.


To help women be free from emotional pain, live a life full of pleasure, free to move through the world as their true selves, enjoying the experiences that are important to them.